Client: Diamond Labs

Role: UX Designer

Project Status: Incomplete

Challenge: To provide concept prototypes and wireframes for a multimedia archive website.


The iconic photographer Norman Seeff wanted to partner with TV4 to produce a site or app to house his unreleased Sessions Project work, which consists of video, writing, and audio, as well as pass on his philosophical beliefs in a consistent and immersive way. I worked with Norman Seeff and a team to develop concepts and rough prototypes for different layouts for the project which would incorporate Seeff’s desire to encourage non-linear navigation as well as provide simpler more linear options. Norman Seeff had a very hands-on approach in the project and delivered some complex layouts. Part of the challenge was to simplify what Seeff had envisioned into something more usable. I began by creating a rough site map to help all the stakeholders agree on the general content of the site. Then I created several more esoteric content agnostic prototypes as way to explore alternative navigation styles and satisfy Seeff’s request that the user be able to jump off on a non-linear experience at any point. Finally, I created a simple straight forward wireframe prototype of a more standard site layout.

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