Client: Hone

Role: UX Designer

Project Status: Incomplete

Challenge: Hone is redesigning their quiz creation interface and sought additional user experience guidance.


Hone provides a web service that allows users to create online quizzes of varying complexity. Hone sought to expand the functionality of the service by redesigning their online tools, which have several independent modules. The developer at Hone had already done fairly extensive wireframes for the quiz builder but they wanted an extra pass on it from a user experience designer. I reviewed the Hone wireframes and provided feedback, which the Hone team agreed with, and then updated their wireframes through Gliffy in their Confluence environment. Those wireframes were then Hone Builder by the graphic designer. I had never used Gliffy, but was able to pick it up quickly, as it was similar to LucidChart which I was more familiar with. After further discussion with the Hone team, I wireframed the Appearance and Theme editor as well.

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